I have been looking forward to find my new family in nsanje from the moment I sworn- in, in the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe. We departed from Blantyre to Nsanje on 27 of Feb by the principal secretary of the ministry of youth development, sports and culture who ended up of dropping two of us in one host family who is the headteacher at a primary school. The headteacher unfortunately has two homes of which where we were dropped is not the place where he leaves rather his form two son ( lovely Paul) who finally happen to be our host man.

Above all, we never ever have a spare room for us to sleep. Even though the house has three bedrooms, our bags were on the sitting room and at night, we had to put some of our bags in one side so as we can have a space just to fit in our mattress for us to share in the hottest nights of Nsanje with no where pu hung our mosquito net. No private space for us to change clothes if we wanna have a bath, we had to hide ourselves so that Paul should not see us as he was always around for us. I do cry myself sometimes without Lucy noticing me coz I did not want her to be affected by my emotions. I should appeal here, even though we are Malawians and serving in Malawi, its not easy to adapt in a new environment and culture from that of your home, its really hard at first days but patience is always a good thing that one has to remember.

Mosquitoes here in Nsanje are like pets, I mean they bite morning, afternoon and I don’ t want to talk about nights. Peaceful sleep is our best friend compared to what we could use at Chongoni mountains where we had our pre service training. Our host, Paul at nights has to burn cattle’s dungs coz they say mosquitoe’s run away from the smell and we could stay on the veranda  till 11 pm just to minimise time of going to bed to avoid hotness.

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