A month now has gone since I got here in Kadewere village. It has been a month that i have been doing much transition and integrating myself into this community. Meeting and interacting with different people, attending and calling for both community meetings and Village Development Committees to just have insights on development issues that are taking place in this community, teaching nursery school in the morning and Grass Root Soccer to the youth in the afternoon at Friends Of Mulanje Orphans in Kadewere Centre are the most activities that I have done in the past month. That was the most and interesting part of it in the sense that getting to know a community and its peoples behaviors has an impact on its own and you get to collect community information.

When school started on the 11th April 2016, I started off a journey to first few days shadowing two nursery school teachers and then ended up of myself being one of them. Most of the kids who goes to this school are orphans but others goes as private kids and they pay a little fee amounting k250 and they also eat porridge at break time. So, as most kids are within the community, we probably meet and when they see me they are like madam muzatiphunzitsa mawa?? (Madam are you gonna teach us tomorrow??) And am like yes I will and they laugh! That sense of homour in kids makes me so happy and think how clever and cute they are. Also some kids has been telling their parents and few of them in my presence while  pointing at me saying “kunabwera madam achiduntu Ku FOMO awo” ( we have a fat madam at FOMO” and I know that sounds disgusting  but to me its OK because it means kids are able to identify me or whatever reasons they want to tell their parents hope in a positive way. So, as I am walking around this community am known by two names madam achiduntu from the orphan centre, aunt from those around my host family.

Teaching Grass Root Soccer is one of the activities that I have been doing with young people in the afternoon hours at FOMO. The first group is about to graduate. I can see and feel when teaching that the youth are having fun and energizer songs that i have been teaching them are everywhere in the community. GRS so far has been one of my project that I just introduced because i couldn’t wait any longer to implement and such that it is costless. I am now about to finish the first phase of it. HIV Limbo is one of the activity in GRS that is more fun as one limbo under the string but making sure that you should not attach the string and if you do it means you catch HIV Virus and  the height gets lower from abstainance stage to older sexual relationships.

I also called for a Village Development Committee meeting and on the agenda was just to hear on how the VDC works, its history but also how they priotize or deal with development issues in this village. VDC is the centre of every development work in the comunity and organizations that work in the community are wel known by VDC committee and they are able to give insights of projects that can be done or done before by other organizations in the community in general they have all that data. These kind of meetings are more helpful as they will help me to fully involve the community during my future project implementation.


Also a lot of activies has been taking place at Kadewere centre. I have been cooking nsima that the kids eat when they come before doing any activity. Their are three women that are assigned to cook at the centre but as a volunteer I also enjoy helping them. Also at the centre their is a garden and we planted sweet potatoes because we still receiving the rains and those potatoes gonna be used by the kids themselves.

As I said that I am in an integration stage of exprolling, observing and understanding everything in this community, my whole hope is to help this community in every means I have for a better community development. Until we meet again next month i say keep reading and following my blog for more updates. Tiwonana!!!!!




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